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About October 25, 2008

Hello Blogging world. I am new to this but decided on blogging after I had many moments on other blogs that made me feel that I am not alone thanks to some wonderful women writing uncandidly, openly and 100% honestly. Blogs have helped me feel that I’m not alone in this world on many levels for instance moosh in indy’s blog about experiencing the big “O” while on a treadmill (ha ha ha) I as well had this very embarrasing experience while on the leg extension machine and I must admit I try to angle myself in such a way so that this will never occur again ;). Velveteen mind also came to enlighten my life as this law student’s wife went off on how much she gives and gives… which brings me to tell you about me…

I was born and raised in Miami, Fl. I am a child of the 80’s born to two elderly Cuban parents. I am not kidding my parents were both official Senior Citizens by the time I was 7. I will say I am now ashamed to admit that I did tell people they were my grandparents! I wouldn’t trade my upbringing, I think it gave me my Pizaaz or really my corny old lady personality trapped in a 25 year-old’s body. I am the cooky-est person I know. My husband is the dorkiest person I know. Together we make a lot of fun!

I have 3 sisters who are all older and way cooler than me well two of them anyways (sorry Marta your a nerd just like me). I account that to the fact that THEY unlike ME had a hip young mother while I had a mother who wore diapers along with me. My sisters haven’t always been (due to the 9-25 year age difference between us) but are now 3 of my closest friends.

I was married on August 5th 2007 and moved from Miami to Tallahassee. Which is when it all happened, quirky, hyper, busy busy me was left with NOTHING to do. I’m one of those people who does not Stop and for the very first time in my life I have nothing to do. I hate it. I have taken it as a God moment. A moment in my life where I need to be alone to reflect and adjust some parts of me and some things in my life. I love changing for the better and discovering new parts of myself so that I can live a richer life and be a better person for those around me. My life has changed so much in the last 4 years that I haven’t had time to breathe. In a way Tallahassee is just what the Dr. ordered. In the last 4 years I moved back home to Miami after graduating from college ( the funnest 4 Years of my life!). I met my then boyfriend Mr. Santi 6 months after being in Miami we dated 2 years, he went away to Law school. He proposed that December in Paris at the top of the Eiffel Tower (Aaaaw he is just too good to me!). We continued our long distance relationship through his first year of law school while I planned the wedding. We were married and then I moved to Tallahassee. Woah that really was a whirlwind. Since I’m so hyper I actually live for all that crazyness I enjoy the rush of change. My problem comes when the dust settles, that is when my Great Husband comes in he is my calming effect he truly soothes my irradic compulsive tendency’s.


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