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How times have changed… August 13, 2010

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I read back on all of my posts (all 3 of them lol) and thought to myself I need to be consistent and get back to writing. Writing clears my mind of brain clutter. It really eases me.

Well getting back up to speed. I am now a mom to an amazing boy named Benjamin he is the sweetest thing! We are now back in the Miami area, we live in Sunny Isles Beach and LOVE it here. It is the happy medium of being back near family but not back in the hussle and bussle.

We are carving out a nice life for ourselves I feel that this time has been the calm after the storm that was law school, getting pregnant, taking the bar, finishing my master’s, moving, looking for jobs while expecting a baby, cutie pie baby being born 4 weeks early and staying in the NICU (worste experience of my life) bad in-law drama, losing a close friend, missing friend but not the friend that caused me grief. Unbelievable that all of this has happened in the span of a year. A LOT can change in a year. I definitely embrace change because I think it brings truth to light. Change is telling of your own true character and of those around. Gotta love change otherwise you will be miserable, the one sure thing in life is that change is coming! If you are not changing then you are dieing 🙂

Keep the change!