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2008~2009 January 8, 2009

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I would hope my life becomes better with each passing year and to accomplish this I must scrutnize myself! My theme for 2009 is VIBRANCE I want to live my life vibvibrantly. I feel that I have been given much and because of this I have much to live in gratitudee for. As I mentioned previously i moved to Tallahassee towhen I got married in August of 07′, Since moving here I have done nothing but COMPLAIN. Not abput Tallahassee but about being lonely. You see i am a social social social person. I love to be around people not herds of people just one or two special people I have a bond with and can be silly with can pour my heart out and into. Well, since I’m so far from those people that I am so Blessed to have in my life I have mopped I feel that I let my zeal get lost in my loneliness. My resolve for 2009 is live vibrantly in and out. I want my outside to reflect the passion I have for life on the inside. i have so many aspirations and dreams for myself and my fam,ily. tere is so much I want to see and do. It all starts with me, it alll begins with the words I speak to myself and to my vcreator Only then will I ever truly shine!


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