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Enough July 20, 2012

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I’ve had enough dirty diapers, loads of laundry, dirty dishes, and tantrums (both me and my two year old). Through it all God is more than enough. Just when I want to throw in the towel, He sends a smile my way or a sweet hug that shows me how much I don’t deserve these amazing babies that have been given to Sants and me. I am shown daily that although I have my moments of ugh! I’ve had enough! I am quickly quieted by I can never get enough of these two 🙂


How times have changed… August 13, 2010

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I read back on all of my posts (all 3 of them lol) and thought to myself I need to be consistent and get back to writing. Writing clears my mind of brain clutter. It really eases me.

Well getting back up to speed. I am now a mom to an amazing boy named Benjamin he is the sweetest thing! We are now back in the Miami area, we live in Sunny Isles Beach and LOVE it here. It is the happy medium of being back near family but not back in the hussle and bussle.

We are carving out a nice life for ourselves I feel that this time has been the calm after the storm that was law school, getting pregnant, taking the bar, finishing my master’s, moving, looking for jobs while expecting a baby, cutie pie baby being born 4 weeks early and staying in the NICU (worste experience of my life) bad in-law drama, losing a close friend, missing friend but not the friend that caused me grief. Unbelievable that all of this has happened in the span of a year. A LOT can change in a year. I definitely embrace change because I think it brings truth to light. Change is telling of your own true character and of those around. Gotta love change otherwise you will be miserable, the one sure thing in life is that change is coming! If you are not changing then you are dieing 🙂

Keep the change!


Jessica Simpson FAT?!?!?!?! February 12, 2009

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Why is it that our society has a coniption over weight. Not to say that I don’t flip out over my own weight but I find others beautiful regardless of size. Weight is personal. I think it is about feeling beautiful and confident in your skin. The size I’m comfortable with may be too small or too big for others but it is my Body. So what are your thoughts on the scrutiny Ms. Simpson is under?


2008~2009 January 8, 2009

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I would hope my life becomes better with each passing year and to accomplish this I must scrutnize myself! My theme for 2009 is VIBRANCE I want to live my life vibvibrantly. I feel that I have been given much and because of this I have much to live in gratitudee for. As I mentioned previously i moved to Tallahassee towhen I got married in August of 07′, Since moving here I have done nothing but COMPLAIN. Not abput Tallahassee but about being lonely. You see i am a social social social person. I love to be around people not herds of people just one or two special people I have a bond with and can be silly with can pour my heart out and into. Well, since I’m so far from those people that I am so Blessed to have in my life I have mopped I feel that I let my zeal get lost in my loneliness. My resolve for 2009 is live vibrantly in and out. I want my outside to reflect the passion I have for life on the inside. i have so many aspirations and dreams for myself and my fam,ily. tere is so much I want to see and do. It all starts with me, it alll begins with the words I speak to myself and to my vcreator Only then will I ever truly shine!


The Santi Fam.’s Great Debate October 25, 2008

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I am from sunny materialistic, diverse, shallow, sweaty, fun loving, Miami. I have a love hate relationship with that city due to the fact that I try to see people and places for who they really are myself included. I try to be as self aware as possible because I feel that this is the best way to be in a mode of constant evolution. My life is best lived changing, for the better, hopefully and being better to those that surround me. I attempt to approach every day in this very manner.

I now live in Tallahassee, FL because I married the man of my dreams a year and a half ago. He is in Law school and I’m in graduate school part time and work full-time as a third grade teacher. I know teacher’s complain but I’m not one of them. I LOVE what I do, I wouldn’t change impacting little peoples lives and hoping that they accomplish great things with their lives for anything in this world! Even on my most exhausting day there is always a hug good-bye or a smile that will light up your life.

Not everything in my life is Peaches and Cream…I did mention that I’m from Miami and I now live in Tallahassee. Yes Miami/ T a l l a h a s s e e. It even takes longer to spell the city’s name. That pretty much sums up my days here S L O W. I have too much energy in my body for the South. I talk too fast and too much to live in a place where they make contractions out of words like you all into y’all and still they talk slow. No offense Tallahassee I find you quite charming with your beautiful hills majestic trees and stunning plantaion homes. To be honest I don’t like Miami either, it gets exhausting when people examine your outfit, hair and nails to decide whether you deserve to breathe the same air as they do or shop in the same boutique. When I say “they” I am reffering to the priveleged 20 year-old driving a BMW having no concept of how hard their grandparents or parents worked for them to be priveleged. Nothing against being priveleged but everything against being priveleged without any concept of gratitude or acceptance of others who are not.

I am now in a place in my life where we are faced with a trade-off. Do we stay 8 hours away from our family to raise our children in a peaceful small town? or do we move back to materialistic crazy Miami where our children will be raised with all the love in the world of both our families?

I don’t Know. I do believe it takes a village to raise a child and what is our childhood without a Grandmother to constantly spoil you or a cool aunt that makes you think how boring your parents are. Children need more experiences and perspectives besides mine and my husband’s. I want them to grow up with their own opinions and thoughts not just regurgitated ideas of what our philosophy’s are.